Dentist Boca Raton Healthy Teeth Tips by Your Boca Raton, FL Dentist

3 Top Practices for Healthy Teeth from Your Boca Raton, FL Dentist  


Are you committing yourself to improving your dental health next month? By starting one at a time with simple, easy-to-implement habits, you’ll be well on your way to fresher breath and a beautiful smile before you know it.   


Keep reading to learn three top practices you need to focus on for healthy teeth!   


1. Start Flossing Consistently  


Did you know that 27 percent of American adults lie to their dentist about flossing their teeth? Unlike tooth brushing, flossing is a hard habit to teach children when they’re young, making this habit even harder to follow as adults. However, it’s the only effective way to ensure that leftover food debris isn’t causing plaque and tartar.   


To make it easier, start by flossing every other day. You can also try flossing the upper portion of your mouth in the morning and the lower portion in the evening. Over time, flossing will become a regular part of your routine.   


2. Clean Your Tongue  


Cleaning your tongue is another commonly ignored portion of dental routines. However, the tongue can harbor just as much food debris and bacteria as your teeth. As a result, if you suffer from bad breath, the tongue can often be the culprit.   


After brushing, use your toothbrush or a separate brush to scrub your tongue gently. You can also opt for a tongue scraper–just make sure to start at the back of your tongue and drag it to the front. You only have to repeat this motion a few times after brushing your teeth to enjoy a cleaner mouth and fresher breath.   


3. Avoid Smoking  


Last but not least, smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your overall health as well as your dental health. Nicotine can quickly stain your teeth yellow, requiring teeth whitening, and can contribute to bad breath. In addition, smoking can make it difficult to recover promptly from dental procedures, and it’s one of the top factors for gum disease.   


Smoking can severely impact your dental health, even if brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and scheduling regular dental appointments.   


Schedule an Appointment with Your Boca Raton, FL Dentist  


Of course, no dental hygiene routine is complete without scheduling cleaning appointments with your dentist at least twice a year. Not only will they help you attain a sparkling smile, but they’ll also be able to watch out for developing cavities, oral cancer, gingivitis, and other issues that you should address sooner rather than later.   


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