Dentist Boca Raton Root Canal Therapy

Save Your Smile with the Help of a Root Canal in Boca Raton

Root canal therapy is a method used to repair a deeply damaged or infected tooth. Whether the damage is due to a cavity, or crack within the tooth, root canal therapy can help prevent the spread of infection or need for extraction.
This highly successful therapy requires the removal of the pulp and nerves of the infected tooth. Once a tooth has fully emerged from your gums, the pulp and nerve are no longer essential to the tooth’s health and function.
Do I Need a Root Canal in Boca Raton, FL?
A dental exam with your dentist is the only way to confirm a root canal is needed. However, you may exhibit the following symptoms if your tooth is suffering from decay or infections:
Tooth pain while eating or chewing
Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
Swelling of gums around the infected area
Restless nights of sleep due to tooth pain
If you are suffering from any of the symptoms above, please don’t delay your next dental exam. Your dentist can help prevent further harm such as infections in surrounding bone, and ultimately the removal of teeth.
Procedure Process
This method of repair and restoration usually requires two visits for completion. To begin the root canal therapy, your dentist must access the pulp chamber. An opening will be made, and the pulp will be removed from the infected area. Once this chamber is clear of pulp, the canal can be carefully cleaned.
At the close of your first appointment, you will be fitted with a temporary filling. This is to ensure the protection of your tooth in between visits. During your second visit, the temporary will be removed, and the pulp chamber will be thoroughly cleaned once more. Once that has been completed, a permanent crown or filling will be used to finish the procedure.
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