Dentist Boca Raton Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Health

Take a Look at Common Questions Your Boca Raton FL Dentist Answers about Your Oral Health


We all know that brushing our teeth and flossing every day is essential in order to stay on top of our oral health, as well as keeping our smiles looking the best they can be. However, many people still have questions about their own problems, or they might be concerned with issues that aren’t always discussed with your dentist during a visit.


Below, your Boca Raton, FL Dentist takes a look at some of the most frequently asked questions our oral health.


  • Why has my tooth become darker than the others?

There are several issues that can cause a tooth to become darker, however, most of the time, this is an indication that the tooth’s root is being affected. This is usually caused by an infection which reduces the blood flow to the tooth causing it to appear darker.


This issue is typically treated by a root canal procedure, which involves removing any necrotic or infected tissue and then filling in the tooth. Other times, if the discoloration is not being caused by an infection, a crown or veneer may be used to restore the tooth’s color. It’s also possible that your dentist can use a whitening agent to make the tooth appear lighter than before.


  • What should I do if my temporary crown fell off?

If a temporary crown comes off of your tooth, it’s important that you get in to see your dentist as soon as possible to have it replaced. This will prevent surrounding teeth from shifting out of place.


  • Do I really need to visit the dentist every six months?

Visiting your dentist every six months allows them to monitor your teeth and find any problems early before they develop into much more serious issues. Tooth decay and other oral health problem can develop in a rather short period of time, therefore, it’s important to visit your dentist often.


  • Will I need a root canal before getting a crown?

Root canals are only required when a tooth’s nerve has been damaged or is decayed. Therefore, your dentist will first need to assess the nerve before a crown can be placed over a tooth, as everyone’s situation will be different.


Many people worry that a root canal will be painful. However, with modern techniques and the use of anesthetics, the procedure is virtually pain-free.


  • Is getting a bridge painful?

Getting a bridge is not a painful procedure since your dentist will use an anesthetics to numb the area before doing any work.


However, your gums may remain sore for a few days after the procedure, and it’s not uncommon to notice that your teeth are more sensitized. Fortunately, these symptoms are very common, and any discomfort should subside within a couple of days.


Of course, there are plenty of other things that people might want to know about their teeth. So, if you have any questions or concerns, call your Boca Raton FL dentist at (561) 391-0020 and make an appointment for a visit!