Dentist Boca Raton Composite Fillings

Use Composite Fillings to Repair Cavities with Our Family Dentist in Boca Raton

In order to repair a cavity, your dentist will need to remove the portion of your tooth that has been inflicted with decay. Once removed, another substance must fill in and replace the area. This procedure is commonly and simply known as a dental filling. A filling can be made up of a few different materials, but composite fillings are used most often. 
A composite may also be referred to as a tooth colored filling. The material can closely match the natural color of your teeth. This type of filling has the most success in restoring small and medium cavities. They are typically the preferred treatment method on highly visible teeth, due to their natural appearance.
Composite fillings can be used to repair a few dental ailments beyond the standard cavity. Your 33432 dentist may recommend this type of filling to restore any minor chips or broken teeth you may encounter.
These fillings can also be used to minimize the size of gaps appearing between teeth. This will not only improve the appearance of your smile, but prevent shifting as well.
Procedure Process
To prevent any discomfort or pain, your dentist will numb the area in which they will be working. Once the area has been numbed, any decayed portions of teeth will be removed. A substance will be applied to teeth to aid in the opening of pores, this allows for a stronger bond. Your dentist will then utilize a special light to harden and cure the substance.
The composite filling is then applied thin layer by thin layer until complete. Once the composite material has hardened, it will then be polished and smoothed to fit your bite comfortably.
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